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Tips For Creating Unforgettable Private Events

We host countless special events here at Greens. Our staff goes to extraordinary lengths to make the events unforgettable, but from our experience we’ve compiled this list of things the host should do as well to make things go perfectly!
Any Event:
  • Ask around about special diets. Sometimes this can cause a deluge of folks who all have some dietary restriction or food allergy, but knowing about special diets ahead of time and letting us know creates a much smoother dining experience for everyone involved.
  • Slideshows take up space! Especially if you are close to capacity in our private dining room, a projector and screen take up real estate in the room. This can create an issue if you are interested in having mingling and/or passed appetizers before your seated meal.
  • Parking. Although Greens is located in the Fort Mason Center, the parking lot is shared with the many other resident organizations. Discuss parking options early in the planning process, as there are many events in Fort Mason each week that affect parking.
  • If you are paying by credit card, contact the company in advance of your event. It happens very frequently that credit card companies flag an attempted payment for private events, as the charge is larger than a typical meal cost. 
Baby Showers:
  • Consider buffet service, as opening all those presents can take time! Buffet service allows for a more free-flowing event to leave plenty of time for games, gifts, etc.
  • Plan the shower for at least two months in advance to avoid complications with early delivery dates, and traveling too close the mom-to-be’s due date.
Rehearsal Dinners:
  • Decide who (if anyone) will give speeches at the rehearsal dinner – those who will not be speaking at the wedding itself.
  • Review the menu for the wedding to ensure there is no overlap between the rehearsal and wedding meals.
Business Events:
  • Often business events are planned by one person, but run by someone else on the day-of. Be sure all parties involved are well aware of the menu, timeline, room arrangements, etc., so everyone is on the same page for the event. This creates a much more fluid event for guests and organizers alike.
  • Plan any speaking/programming after entrees are served so that guests are relaxed and ready to listen.
  • Keep presentations short if possible, especially for evening events, as guests may get tired after their workdays.