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Dinner at Greens

Frequently Asked Questions About Having An Event At Greens

Q. What if my family/friends/colleagues aren’t used to eating vegetarian food?

A. No one ever leaves Greens hungry. If you know your group doesn’t normally indulge in vegetarian fair, our Private Events Manager will work with you and our Executive Chef to find the best omnivore-friendly options to suit you, your guests, and your event perfectly. During our private events, we often hear things like “And can you believe this is all vegetarian?” We’ve even had guests who didn’t notice until the meal was over that the meat was missing!

Q. Is Greens able to accommodate special diets?

A. Absolutely. Vegan, gluten-free, nut allergies, garlic/onion allergies… you name it, we can almost always accommodate. And picky kids are not a problem either – cheese pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, or a basic pasta dish will keep the kids happy. Just give us ample notice, and we are happy to help.

Q. May we have a live band for our event? How about a DJ? A dance floor?

A. Yes, yes, and yes! Acoustic violinist? Four-piece jazz band? Your favorite DJ? Live modern dancers? Uncle Dave’s playlist on his iPod? As long as space allows, we will do everything we can to assist you in providing the kind of entertainment you want for your private event. We have even arranged for things like movie screenings and group dance lessons.

Q. What about flowers and other décor – may we bring that in?

A. Greens provides simple but tasteful bud vases with fresh flowers or greenery (changed weekly) for the tables, plus glass votive candles for evening events. You are more than welcome to bring in additional flower arrangements (please ask for recommendations – we have plenty!) or other décor such as candle holders, succulents, place cards, and string lights. Once you have reserved the private dining room, or the full restaurant for your private event, you may pretty much do whatever you want with the space (short of altering the wall colors, setting anything aflame, or tearing up the carpet).

Q. What is your maximum capacity for the private dining room? For the whole restaurant?

A. Our capacities for seated meals are 50 for the private dining room and 140 for the main dining room. For a standing reception, we can host up to 75 in the private dining room, and 200 in the main dining room. Every event is custom, though, so please ask about alternative seating arrangements to squeeze in just a few more people if needed.

Q. What sort of events do you have at Greens?

A. Pretty much anything under the sun. Alumni events, business presentations, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings (ceremonies and receptions), luncheon meetings, wine tastings, guest lectures, book signings….the list goes on and on!

Q. Parking is a pain! What can Greens do to help?

A. We strive make the experience as seamless and easy as possible for private clients. We have the option to arrange with the Fort Mason Center to make parking a little easier. For a fee, you may reserve parking spots in the lot for your guests, and/or you can also pay for your guests’ parking. One helpful tip when you are considering a private event with us – check the Fort Mason Center calendar (http://www.fortmason.org/) for events that may be going on at the same time that could impact parking